Panic Baby Pacifier

Panic Baby Pacifier

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When baby ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. When the walls are ringing with the cries of a grumpy infant it’s absolutely okay to panic! Make sure you have our Panic Baby Pacifier on hand for just such occasions! You’ll be happy you do.

Cranky babies are a fact of parenthood, thankfully the solution can be as simple as popping in the Panic Button Pacifier. This funny, but oh so handy, pacifier keeps the mood light on long nights, during trips to trips to the grocery store and on long car rides.

The Panic Baby Pacifier is the perfect gift for baby showers and new parents.

Every mom and dad wishes they could simple press the panic button when their children are crying nonstop. I thought the Panic Baby Pacifier was the perfect gift for new moms that have to endure the sleepless nights and endless wailing of cranky tots. The pacifier is a common baby soothing tool, but the panic button gives it a fun edge.


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