Shit List Sticky Notepad

Shit List Sticky Notepad

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We all have one, but the shit list usually stays in the deepest recesses of our minds ready to take out on a moments notice. The last thing you want to forget is if someone is on your shit list, so write it down and keep that grudge safely stored in black and white.

The Shit List Sticky Notepad lets you record multiple offenders, their violations, plans of attack and severity of violations all in one tidy page. You'll never mistakenly let someone off the hook again when you've got the official Shit List Sticky Notepad at your side. Keep it at work for your underlings to fear or hang it on the fridge to remind the hubby he's done it again.

I’m so busy it can be hard to keep track of who’s earned the honor of being on my shit list and thanks to the Shit List Sticky Notepad, I’ve got documentation. We love this because it’s easy to forget exactly what someone did to win his spot, but the notepad keeps the wound fresh in the mind so you can exact the perfect revenge at your leisure. Best served cold, right? (Insert maniacal laugh here.)


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— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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  • Jillian . Feb 1, 2013
    Thanks for the speedy shipping! I got these for a friend of mine as a gag gift and they were a total hit.
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