How to Traumatize Your Children Manual

How to Traumatize Your Children Manual

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Every parent fears that their every move and decision will somehow lead to years of therapy for their children. The How To Traumatize Your Children Manual is a tongue-in-cheek book on parenting fails.

This makes the perfect gift for that overprotective parent that just won't let their kids out of their sight or the laid back parent who thinks discipline is a four-letter word.

You'll be laughing your head off at this book and praying that you have never done anything that warrants inclusion in this parenting tome. Let the traumatizing begin.

We're mature enough to realize that our kids are going to blame us for everything anyway, and without humor parenting is just too serious. Every mom and dad can use a book that helps them laugh at the stupid stuff so they can keep a straight face when the kids are watching.


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