Fingerstache Temporary Tattoos

Fingerstache Temporary Tattoos

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Do third graders make fun of you because they can grow more facial hair than you? Did you try to grow a mustache for charity, and they asked you not to participate?

Not everyone can be blessed with the glory of an amazing mustache, but you can fake it with our Fingerstache Temporary Tattoos. Simply take a pick from the wide variety of staches provided and apply it to your index finger. Then, whenever you’re in need of a lip broom, you have one handy.

Go with a Fu Manchu for Johnny’s wedding or The Villain on a first date. With 19 mustaches to choose from, you can have a new look for every special event.

As a woman, growing a mustache is pretty much impossible and know how frustrating that can be. We believe that every man, woman or child who wants a super stache should have one, so we had to get the Fingerstache Temporary Tattoos. Whether someone is looking for the sophistication of The Oldman or the exotic allure of the Double Fingerstache, they will come in handy.


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— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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