Dribble Leaking Glass

Dribble Leaking Glass

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Dribble Glass Prank

The first time your victim takes a nice, cool drink from this dribble glass prank, he'll think he made a mistake. The second time, he might start to get suspicious. By the third time he takes a sip, he'll be too soaked to know what hit him!

This classic prank has been around for years - and for good reason. Most people don't see the dribble glass coming even when it's right in front of their noses. With tiny holes drilled into the sides of the glass, your victim won't be able to see anything out of the ordinary until the drinking begins. The liquid of your choosing (water for the stain-conscious, grape juice for the cruel) then slowly dribbles out.

Buy a whole set and serve up a whole lot of fun at your next dinner party!

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