Lost Count Candles

Lost Count Candles

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As you get older, the memory starts to go and you forget everything from where you put the car keys to the names of your children. You know, old...what's-his-name. Tell the world you have outlived Methuselah, but lost count of exactly how old you are. The Lost Count Candles proclaim that you've had so many birthdays that numbers have become irrelevant. When you get as old as you are, that many candles are considered a fire hazard.

For when there is just not enough room on the cake, Lost Count Candles are the answer! A hilarious alternative to regular candles.

Add some humor at the next party you attend! It will be a birthday you will never forget... Lost Count Candles are a funny alternative to the traditional candles and will save time.

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  • Barbara M. Aug 23, 2011
    These candles made the cake! No matter the over the hill age, I think they would still be a great laugh.
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