Finger Sporks: Set of 4

Finger Sporks: Set of 4

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The world was transformed when Bell created the telephone, Einstein developed relativity and now with the creation of Finger Sporks. The multi-use tools slip effortlessly on the tips of your fingers so you can scoop or stab at food on your plate.

You have the best of both worlds at your fingertips...literally.

Use your pinky to stab a piece of cheese, while you scoop a dollop of sour cream with your index finger. With a few choice moves, your fingers become a smorgasbord of appetizers. With Finger Sporks everything becomes a finger food!

What did we do before this amazing invention?

We’ve all wished we had claws at one time or another, and Finger Sporks allow us to explore our primal sides at any meal. You can eat your mac and cheese and meatloaf like a boss with these cool finger utensils. They’re perfect for kids as a way to spice up lunch and dinner, but adults will love them too. With four finger sporks in a pack, the whole family can enjoy them together!


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