Squirt Ketchup Bottle Prank

Squirt Ketchup Bottle Prank

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This prank has been around for decades and never loses its appeal. A seemingly ordinary and harmless ketchup bottle houses a red string that shoots out and onto your unsuspecting victim. No shirts are stained or friendships ruined with this prank, but its guaranteed to get a few laughs. Take this fake ketchup bottle to your favorite restaurant and fool your waitress or bartender, just make sure they have a good sense of humor or you might end up wearing real ketchup. This is one of those classic pranks that will always get laughs no matter how many times you pull it.

Watch the squirting ketchup bottle prank in action:

From the video, you can clearly see that the Squirt Ketchup prank is still one to laugh about! Great prank because it is harmless but leaves everyone laughing. It is important to catch your victims eye, making everything seem as �real� as any ordinary cookout. Shake the bottle, give it a tap, then calmly walk over to the unsuspecting guest and squeeze the bottle in their face, watching the string release. This fake ketchup bottle is needed at every BBQ event. You will be the life of the party and never loose touch with your inner self.

Squirt ketchup is the classic prank that will never get old. Everyone will fall for it. Who wouldn�t when a ketchup bottle is pointed at their face? Try this prank at your next cookout function and you will love the results!

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