Drink to Gel Prank

Drink to Gel Prank

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There are really two ways to make an instant gel gag work. In the first option, you can simply leave a beverage on your kitchen counter or table for several weeks (or even months), watching as milk or juice transforms itself into a disgusting sludge that is no longer anything you'd want to put in your body. In the second option, you can cut the weeks-long waiting period and ruin a drink within mere seconds through the use of this instant gel mix. This instant gel gag comes in a harmless-looking container... but it is really anything but. When someone's back is turned, you simply pour it in their beverage and watch as the liquid starts to gel before your very eyes. By the time the drink is lifted up and ready to pour down some poor sap's gullet, it's turned into a completely inedible sludge. As far as pranks go, the instant gel gag is easy to use and fun to watch unfold. Avoid the mold-growing stages of liquid solidification and go right for the shortcut. Trust us, it's funnier!

We love the Drink to Gel Prank because true friends make their friends gag and nearly vomit.  The Drink to Gel Prank transforms drinks into sludge in an instant. And, once its sludge, no gag reflex will stop the up chuck; and nothing will stop the laughs.


Amazing video demonstration of the gel gag:


Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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  • Jacob . Mar 7, 2011
    I ordered a bunch of this for my little brother's birthday party, and put it in their drinks while they were outside on the water trampoline. It worked faster than I thought it would, and there was no smell to give it away. The kids were really mad, but my Mom thought it was funny.
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