Squirt Ring Prank

Squirt Ring Prank

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Trick Squirting Ring

Combine flashy plastic jewelry and a face full of water to put some bling bling into your next prank.

This trick squirting ring is a perfect way to catch your victims unaware. From an outside point of view, all that can be seen is the silver shine of your new ring, while your palm conceals the bulb that contains the water surprise. Simple in its design and simple in its execution, the trick squirting ring is a great way to play a prank on your friends and family - no matter where they fall on the gullibility spectrum.

Wear it on the finger of your choosing, but remember that nothing gets oglers closer than a glowing jewel on the wedding ring finger. For nosy parents dying to know when you're finally going to tie the knot, it's double the surprise!

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