Pop Out Snake Nut Can

Pop Out Snake Nut Can

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This retro snake nut can gag is one of the classics of the gag world. Perhaps as old as the gag gift genre itself, the old snake-in-a-can routine can never fail to be amusing, if only because no one really expects these to be around anymore.

Your 30" jumping snake comes packed in a can of Mixed Salted Nuts, which makes a realistic rattling sound to give the appearance of an actual tasty treat inside. However, once opened, it springs to life and jumps out of the snake nut can. It's funny, it's classic, it's cool.

But remember, after the laughter wears off, you may end up needing a snack, after all.

Classic pranks will always hold a warm, roasty toasty place in our hearts and you don't get much more legendary than the Snake Nut Can gag. This timeless rib-tickler is simple enough for even the most novice prankster to pull off and can bring smiles and laughter for years to come.


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  • Charlotte . Jul 19, 2011
    I love this prank! No one is expecting it because its so old and I fool them every time by offering a new brand of nuts. The eagerness of trying it and then the resulted face afterwards has me constantly laughing.
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