Happy Gum for Your Crappy Life

Happy Gum for Your Crappy Life

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Is life getting you down? Landlord evicting you from your home? Don't worry, chew some Happy Gum for your crappy life. These eight pieces of gum won't get your mother-in-law out of the house any faster, but they will bring a temporary smile to your face. Life sucks, so chew gum.

Pack measures 2.75 inches long x 1.25 inches tall.

No matter what happens, I like to consider myself an optimist. That's why I love Happy Gum For Your Crappy Life. Even if your life is in shambles, you can at least chew some tasty gum and have fresh breath. That's better than a lot of other people out there. Their life is crap, and they don't even have any gum. See? Life’s less crappy already.


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