Crime Scene Band Aids

Crime Scene Band Aids

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While everyone else may look at that paper cut and see a small wound, you see a massive gash reminiscent of a crime scene photo. Let everyone know the pain and suffering you are going through with Crime Scene Band Aids. These band aids are emblazoned with Crime Scene Do Not Enter, so if anyone looks, they will know what's underneath is too horrible to be seen by anyone other than professionals. The world isn't ready for the horror that is your paper cut. Make sure innocent eyes are safe by putting on Crime Scene Band Aids. Anything less would be a crime.

When kids – and men – get an injury, they always make it sound like they were attacked by ninjas, so we love being able to cover their oowies in Crime Scene Band-Aids. CSI never gets as intense as when we solve the case of the skinned knee or bring the perpetrator behind the stubbed toe to justice. These bandages are awesome for moms – and wives – everywhere.


Why We Love It

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  • Kimberly . Aug 18, 2011
    The crime scene bandages are totally funny and the tin can it comes in enhances the product even more. I will need to buy more for Halloween!!
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  • Landon . Jun 27, 2011
    I brought this into work, (Im a police officer) and it was an instant hit! Its extremely funny to see all of these cops walking around with crime scene tape as a band aid. Constant compliments from the public!
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