Over the Hill Rectal Thermometer

Over the Hill Rectal Thermometer

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Old people have sensitive mouths.  Show your elderly loved ones that you're sympathetic to their tender tongues by gifting them with this hilarious rectal thermometer!  They won't be able to spit this one out.

It’s no secret that when it comes to men getting sick, we’re known for our whining. A little cold suddenly becomes a debilitating illness. When he starts complaining and looking for you to make a double batch of his mother’s chicken soup recipe, tell him sure…right after you take his temperature. The Over the Hill Rectal Thermometer goes up the old poop shoot, and he’ll think twice before complaining to you again.

What makes the Over the Hill Rectal Thermometer great is its versatility. You can take your hubby’s temp and then check the temperature of your turkey…just makes sure to wash it really well first. The next time a cold comes around, don’t be surprised if hubby’s suddenly silent.

Aging sucks, but it can still be funny. We love the Over the Hill Rectal Thermometer because anything that makes an old guy or gal feel like a Christmas turkey has to be good. While I wouldn’t suggest actually using it, your friends are bound to get a kick in their knickers out of it.


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