Just Assume I'm Never Wrong Gum

Just Assume I'm Never Wrong Gum

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Let's face it, guys, you're never going to win the battle of the sexes, so just grab a box of Just Assume I'm Never Wrong Gum and surrender. Women are never wrong, even when they are, so why bother arguing? You'll just end up sleeping on the couch, and it will all somehow be your fault.

The Just Assume I'm Never Wrong Gum is a symbolic gesture that says "Yes, dear, I understand." Chewing the gum also helps you to keep your mouth shut to avoid situations altogether. Every man knows that when he talks, something bad is bound to happen.

My husband needs to be reminded every now and then that I win every argument and am always right. That’s when I break out the Let’s Just Assume I’m Never Wrong Gum. He takes a piece and immediately remembers this important fact. Every girlfriend, wife, mom and mother-in-law needs a pack of this stuff on hand all the time.


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