Butt's Original Wet Wipes

Butt's Original Wet Wipes

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Do you have a friend who always knows just what to say or do to make you feel better? She says your butt’s not big, it’s original and knows just what skeleton to share from her closet whenever you’re feeling low. She’s your best friend, and you should thank her with Butt’s Original Wet Wipes.

These handy wet wipes will remind her how grateful you are to her for sharing her clothes and faking your birthday for free desserts the way all true besties do. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty helping you out, so express your gratitude with Butt’s Original Wet Wipes.

We know everyone’s a little sensitive about the size of their derrieres. Butt’s Original Wet Wipes are here to add a little butt support on those days when their rears are constantly on their minds. We’re all about being supportive through thoughtful gift-giving. Your friends and family will appreciate the reminder that their butts aren’t big, they’re original.


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