Cool Pop Teether

Cool Pop Teether

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When babies are teething, many parents turn to ice pops and other cold treats to help ease their pain, but that always ends in a nasty sticky mess. The Ice Pop Teether is a silicone teether that looks like a tasty freezer pop.

Your little one will spend hours chewing on it and find sweet relief without all the cleanup. When the teether isn’t in use, just pop it in the freezer. Then it will be a chilly, soothing must-have whenever your baby’s gums start aching. His sad whimpers will be happy giggles in no time.   

Teething time is hard on everyone in the family. Adding messy freezer pop goo to the situation just makes it all the more unpleasant. Next time, give your lil cherub one of our Ice Pop Teethers, and treat everyone to some peaceful relaxation. 

- 100% silicone

- BPA-free teether

- Measures 2.35 inches x 4.34 inches x .29 inch

Anything that will give new parents a few extra minutes of sleep is something we love here at Fun Slurp. The Cool Pop Teether is a safe and fun way to soothe your baby’s mouth and let you catch up on a few Zs. When babies are teething, any sleep is good sleep, and we know this from experience.


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