How To Survive a Newborn Baby Earplugs

How To Survive a Newborn Baby Earplugs

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When parents are expecting, their minds swim with all the wonderful baby sounds -- giggles, coos and first words. What never crosses their minds are the endless hours of pacing the halls trying to soothe the cranky cries of an overtired infant. Save their eardrums with our How to Survive a Newborn Baby Ear Plugs. 

How to Survive a Newborn Baby Ear Plugs provide a pair of one-size-fits-all, straight from heaven, lifesaving and thankfully reusable ear plugs, perfect for any new mom or dad. They make thoughtful -- and hilarious -- additions to any baby shower or newborn gift package. 

Perfect for expecting parents who have no idea what they are getting themselves in to! 

  • Includes 2 Quality Ear Plugs
  • Provides Instant Relief
  • Frustration Free Packaging for Easy Access
  • Screaming Baby Not Included
  • Makes a Great Gag Gift... Do not use these to actually neglect a baby...

Do you know when a baby is the cutest? When he’s sleeping. We love the How to Survive a Newborn Baby Earplugs because we barely made it through those first few sleepless weeks of nonstop, all-hours-of-the-night, finding-a-new-respect-for-our-mothers crying ourselves. Sometimes you just need a little solace when that sweet little cherub is heading into hour number three of over-tired wailing. We understand, because we’re survivors. 


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