Eat Shit Gum

Eat Shit Gum

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There are just some days when the last thing you want to deal with is someone talking, looking or even breathing in your general vicinity. If there’s a great chance that any attempts at communication may end in a bloodbath, it’s best to keep a pack of Eat Shit Gum on hand.

This clever package of refreshing mint gum comes with a clear message, “Eat Shit. Seriously, do not mess with me today.” If you see an idiot approaching, grab your eat shit gum and let the box do all the talking.

Eat Shit Gum - the nice way to tell someone to get the hell out of your space without ever wasting a breath.


Let your gum do the talking.

8 pieces of shit mint flavored gum.

Everyone has those bad days, and we want to make sure you can let everyone know in the snarkiest way possible. Just hand out a few pieces of Eat Shit Gum, and you’ll probably be left alone for the day. The gum doesn’t even taste like shit, so it’s actually a nice gesture…kind of. You’re so selfless.


Why We Love It

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