Car Exhaust Whistle

Car Exhaust Whistle

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We've all seen that muscle bound bully that drives around in his giant monster truck and makes fun of everyone in their small sedans and hybrids. The Car Exhaust Whistle is the perfect prank to get back at road-raging jerks. Attach the easy to install whistle to a car or truck exhaust pipe and get the last laugh as he tries to figure out why his car whistles so badly. You'll be rolling in the roadway and he'll be heading to the mechanic.
Check out the car exhaust whistle prank in action below:

As you can see, the exhaust car whistle trick is extremely annoying and a great prank to play on your friend. It is a prank played with ease. You simply place the gadget on the exhaust pipe of your victim's car, and when he or she pushes the gas it causes the whistle sound. The victim is has no idea where the sound is coming from!

We all have that someone we could easily get with this trick or that someone who deserves it. Try the Car Exhaust Whistle Prank and laugh for days.

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  • Stephanie B. Dec 26, 2010
    LOVED IT! This product had my whole family dying out laughing. We did this to my mom and she was clueless. We had to end up telling her because she was about to take her car to the shop! Great prank. I would recommend the exhaust whistle to anyone with a sense of humor!!!
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