Instant Nap in a Bottle Breath Spray

Instant Nap in a Bottle Breath Spray

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Caffeine and amphetamines are WAY overrated.

What you really need to grind out another day is more sleep. Instantly. From a spray bottle. That freshens your breath.

Your boss probably needs some too, right?  Fresh breath, that is.

Maybe you spent a little too much time playing video games or drank your weight in whiskey last night and need a little pick me up. Instant Nap In A Bottle is a refreshing peppermint spray that revitalizes you even after the most sleep deprived night.

Go from sluggish to energized with just a few quick squirts. You don’t have to down caffeine pills or drink energy drinks to stay awake. Our Instant Nap In A Bottle is an easy and safe way to get your second wind and freshen your breath at the same time. Odds are you’ll need both.

We like to party…we like…we like to party, but we love Instant Nap in a Bottle Breath Spray. While it won’t actually put you into dreamland, when you wake up with a screaming hangover, you won’t care. Odds are your breath is going to smell like a dog died on your tonsils, so take anything you can get.


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