Suction Cup Arrow Magnets

Suction Cup Arrow Magnets

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When you were a kid, how many cowboys did you put into the ground with your suction cup arrows? Nothing makes you look back fondly on the good old days like grinding away at your 9-5.

Relive some of your best childhood memories of violent imaginary play with our whimsical Suction Cup Arrow Magnets. Their built-in magnets make them perfect for displaying your kid's favorite drawings on the fridge or keeping your notes organized in your office cubicle.

You'll feel like you're 10 again as you fill out those TPS reports. The man won't be able to break you with Suction Cup Arrow Magnets at the ready. They make adulthood suck less.

Life is way too short to us boring office magnets in your cubicle or on your fridge. We love Suction Cup Arrow Magnets, because they make everyday notes and papers a whole lot more interesting, no matter where you use them. They’re playful and eye-catching so you can add a touch of fun and stay organized too. 


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