Magnutz Fridge Magnets

Magnutz Fridge Magnets

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Class up your fridge or filing cabinet with Magnutz fridge magnets. These magnets look sharp in several high gloss metallic colors and are super strong to hold your children's heaviest works of art or that recipe for blueberry cobbler you swear you will get to one day. It doesn't matter where you put these super strong magnets, because they have an allure and majesty that will add to any home or office decor.

Magnutz come in a variety pack of fun colors magnets. Everyone needs magnets, but who wouldn't want to spice up their refrigerator or file cabinet with a stylin' rainbow? The Mag Nutz are strong magnets that add color to your lists of things to do! They offer a clean, simple look for either the refrigerator at home or the file cabinet at work. 

We love cool home and office supplies that can add a touch of class to your cube or kitchen. Magnutz Fridge Magnets are just as much works of modern art as they are practical and dependable fridge magnets. They look cool with their polished metallic colors and are strong to keep your kid’s artwork on the fridge without a problem.


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  • Milani S. Jul 25, 2011
    Such a cool looking shape for a magnet! My main fridge has the flower magnets, but our side fridge has these for the change. I cannot tell you how many compliments weve gotten for our unique magnets!
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