High Heel Door Stopper

High Heel Door Stopper

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You're a classy lady. You're H-O-T! You settle for nothing less than the best of everything. You want everything in your home and office to reflect your sassy, sexy, swanky style. No ordinary rubber doorstop is worthy of gracing your high class abode! You need the red-hot Foot In The Door Stopper. This perfect pump will tell everyone who you are and what you're about as soon as they enter your doorway.

When there aren't any men around to fall at your feet or open the door for you, the Foot In The Door Stopper will do it in style!


Pump Up the Door Jam

The High Heel Door Stopper is a fun and unique way to keep interior or exterior doors open with finesse. The door stopper is shaped like an elegant high heel and will get more than a few double takes from folks as they pass by. Is it a real shoe for a woman with extremely dainty tootsies? Only you will know…unless they stop and take a closer look.



- Gripping rubber coating

- Sassy and sophisticated

- Fun for ladies of all ages

- Measures approximately 6 3/4"L x 2"W x 4 1/2"H

- Comes in red


Who will love High Heel Door Stopper?

The backyard debutant who has more heels than Imelda Marcos will absolutely love a door stopper that connects with her passions. Foot fetishists will also love it, because it really connects with their passions on a whole different level. It’s the perfect gift for any fashionista or trendsetting woman who just loves a great pair of shoes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I actually wear it?

No, there’s no place to stick your foot and there’s only one of them. By all means, buy two for a matching set, but don’t be expecting to take them to the ball, Cinderella.


Will it fit any door?

Well, any door that has a crack large enough to stick a High Heel Door Stopper under it. Are you going to somehow keep a 20 ton iron vault door from closing? Probably not, but your backdoor and the door to your kitchen are pretty safe bets.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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  • Lios . May 16, 2011
    I bought this for my sister who evidently uses it all the time! I thought it was a cute joke, but she said its really handy! Great buy for a laugh AND for good use!
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