XOXO Sticky Notes

XOXO Sticky Notes

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Do you need the ultimate in stationery cuteness? Does your house look like a rainbow exploded and rained glitter and unicorns everywhere? You might be the right person for the XOXO Sticky Notes.

This cheerful pink memo pad comes with special check off sections for extra hugs, extra kisses and that's enough. Show the people you love exactly how much they mean to you every time you give them a message. To-do lists are always better received on adorable sticky notes with extra hugs!

XOXO Sticky Notes are fun, girly memo pads for all the ultra-feminine gals on your shopping list and make every note just a little more romantic.

When you're in love, or even in a heavy dose of like, it's hard to refrain from those little lovey dovey displays of affection that make everyone else want to puke. Since we at Fun Slurp are big fans of new-love induced nausea, we adore the XOXO Sticky Notes. The sickening sweetness that radiates from these sticky notes is enough to bring even the crankiest SOB to cuteness dry heaves. Also, they’re really, really, really super cute. 


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