Hillary Hand Sanitizer

Hillary Hand Sanitizer

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Hillary Clinton Sanitizer

When you’re feeling dirty and need to get rid of something fast, then try the Hillary Clinton Sanitizer. It’s not only great at turning bad into good, but also making those annoying facts and figures disappear.  Poof! Sanitary and ready to run for POTUS.

Don’t let the rest of the world get you down. Make it all go away with our Hillary Clinton Sanitizer. Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, you can feel clean and sanitized after getting caught with your hands in just about anything.

So clean, it’s shameful

Did you touch that rancid beef in the fridge? Did your dog sneeze all over you? Grab the Hillary Clinton Sanitizer and none of it will matter - people will actually forget it happened. Heck, you might even forget too. That’s the beauty about this sanitizer; it doesn’t matter how dirty you are, you’ll come away smelling nice and clean.

Who would love Hillary Clinton Sanitizer?

This is great for any Democrat who want to wash his hands not only of what he’s done, but what Hillary has done as well. Even Republicans will find this useful when Donald starts making campaign promises. It’s also great for independents who just want to get the stench of the election off of them.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Will this help if I get caught sending any hard-to-explain emails?

Unless you have the government and a strong PR team to help you out, we wouldn’t risk it. You’re better off relying on the Hillary Sanitizer to wash your hands clean of any dirty bacteria you may have encountered on that keyboard.

I’m a Republican. Will it turn me into a Democrat?

Not at all, but it does work like a dream to kill cooties for any party! Stock up, because no matter what side of the fence you’re sitting on, you’ll need a lot of this until November.

Why We Love It

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