2020 Election Extra Ballots

2020 Election Extra Ballots

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2020 Extra Ballots Box

Give your friends and family a little reminder of the ridiculousness that was Election 2020 with our Extra Ballots Gag Gift!

This hilarious novelty gift commemorates one of the most bizarre American elections in our nation’s history. Presidential Election 2020 Extra Ballots is political humor in a box. You can’t turn on the news or log into social media without hearing about this controversial race that will seemingly never end. With banter and conspiracy theories coming from both sides of the fence, it’s time we all cast our votes for laughter.

Shopping for a Joe Biden or Donald Trump Gag Gift loaded with sarcasm? 2020’s Extra Ballots are sure to bring giggles and shaking heads to any occasion.

The clear package is marked with a Top Secret label which reads “Extra Ballots” and contains shredded fake documents that have absolutely zero confidential information on them.

NOTE: This funny political gag gift is strictly for novelty purposes and contains absolutely no legal or illegal documents.


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