Macaroni and Cheese Band Aids

Macaroni and Cheese Band Aids

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We all need a little comfort food every now and then, especially after getting an owie. Still, life keeps rolling on and we can't always take the time to cook a perfect bowl of macaroni and cheese to help soften the hurt of a skinned knee or elbow. On such occasions, Macaroni and Cheese Bandages, can take the comfort food directly to the source.

The three inch by one inch bandages look like everyone's favorite comfort food and stick securely to any boo boo, just like mac and cheese sticks to your ribs. Your children will love the design and forget all about their minor injuries, after you patch them up with some of these self-adhesive Macaroni and Cheese Bandages. Never underestimate cheese-covered pasta's power to bring a smile to even the saddest little face.

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  • Josh M. Aug 18, 2011
    My son loves mac and cheese so much, so I could not resist when I came across the Macaroni and Cheese band aids. Well, I was right, he loves them and wants all of his friends to see his new band aids.
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