Table Saw Cake Knife

Table Saw Cake Knife

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Get out of that wood shop and into the kitchen, fella!

Whoever said baking isn't manly hasn't seen the Table Saw Cake Knife. This toothy kitchen tool is perfect for every macho man you know. There's nothing dainty about this clever accessory.

Designed just like a real handsaw, the Table Saw Cake Knife will change the way he looks at working beside you in the kitchen. Like any good tool, it's great for multiple uses like slicing fresh bread or cross-cutting lettuce.

Let’s Cut To The Chase

We’ve all seen those movies where someone tries to smuggle a hacksaw in a cake to help someone break out of prison. The Table Saw Cake Knife gives you that prison break experience without worrying about guards beating you or getting shanked by Big Johnny in cell block D. It’s a perfectly safe and unique cake cutter. Why cut a cake with a knife when you can use a real piece of hardware.


Specifications and Bragging Rights

- 12 inches long by 3 1/4 inches tall

- An awesome kitchen tool for every chef

- Durable plastic construction, molded to look like a real handsaw

- Big, toothy blade

- Cuts lettuce as well as slicing cake

- Hand washing recommended


Who Would Love The Table Saw Cake Knife?

The obvious choice would be prisoners who are looking for a taste of freedom. Sadly, the warden don’t look kindly on sneaking in contraband, so they’ll just have to live with dropped soap and questionable food. Wood workers who do a lot of craft projects will find this funny and haphazard do-it-yourselfers will enjoy the irony.


Frequently Asked Questions

I just got married. Can I use this to saw through my own neck?

Hey, cold feet is natural, but don’t try cutting through an appendage using the Table Saw Cake Knife. While I’m sure it can be very uncomfortable, I don’t believe it can cut through the bone, but don’t try it just to play it safe.

I’m sure it can easily take on a white cake, but can this cake knife cut through something more exotic like a German Chocolate?

Excellent question. Everyone knows the difficult experience cutting through a German Chocolate cake can be…oh wait, no they don’t. It’s cake. Unless you’re planning on adding concrete to your cake mix, the Table Saw Cake Knife will cut through like…a knife through effing cake!

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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  • Sara L. Aug 23, 2011
    My family loves baking and the table saw was a must! We love using it. It makes cutting the cake easier too. Works great.
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