Reusable Red Cup Wine Glass

Reusable Red Cup Wine Glass

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Many of us have champagne taste and beer wallets, which makes the Red Cup Wine Glass the perfect gift for that wine aficionado in the family.

It doesn't matter if your wine comes from a box or the local high-class winery, the Red Cup Wine Glass loves them both the same.

Bring a touch of hillbilly class to any occasion by drinking from the Red Cup Wine Glass. While everyone else is drinking from crystal, you'll be the one their talking about as you down cup after cup of fine wine from an equally fine cup.

Go The Extra Hillbilly Mile

We all have those special occasions where we have to get out the formal dinnerware, but you can keep the country vibe alive with the Reusable Red Cup Wine Glass. The red cup is the universal symbol of redneck party culture and a downhome addition to your fine china.


Spec, Features and Bragging Rights

-- Reusable

-- Dishwasher safe

-- Great for parties, BBQs, beach, pool, camping, boating, tailgating or just hanging out

-- Break-resistant, solid double wall ABS plastic

-- BPA & Phthalates free, FDA approved

-- Proudly designed in the USA


Who Would Like the Reusable Red Cup Wine Glass?

This glass is made for anyone who likes drinking cheap wine by the moonlight or cracking open a box of your finest vintage for that special occasion. There is a little bit of hillbilly in everyone, so it’s really the perfect fit for anyone…especially if they like denim and big pickup trucks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I serve wine in the Reusable Red Cup Wine Glass at my wedding?

Of course you can, especially if you are serving wine from a box. If so, then there really isn’t any other choice for you. Weddings that involve mudding, 4-wheelers and dead animal heads are perfect choices for this particular glassware.

Will people think I’m a hillbilly for drinking out of this?

No, odds are if you’re drinking out of this, then they have thought you were a hillbilly long before. Don’t be afraid to embrace it. You’re part of a long tradition of country folk. They’re in all the old Western movies and many have their own reality shows, so it can’t be all bad.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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