Toilet Pool Float

Toilet Pool Float

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There may not be any P in your Ool, but people may question it when they see you floating around in the Toilet Pool Float.

Sit your butt down on the floating throne and watch as everyone around you starts worrying about yellow seas or checking for a fresh floater.

What’s that discoloration in the pool? Oh no, you might be in shart infested waters.

Your Pool-Top Throne

When you’re out in the pool enjoying the sun, you can sit back and relax. But where are you the most relaxed on a daily basis? The toilet. The Toilet Pool Float brings that familiar ring to the water, but without the unseemly floaters. No one should have to beware of the yellow seas in your pool, but spending some quality time on the Toilet Pool Float is totally encouraged for ultimate throne-top relaxation.


Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Inflatable toilet seat floatation device

- The perfect throne for the king or queen of the pool

- Made with durable vinyl

- Will have people talking and get the party started

- Measures 3' wide with an 18" hole in the seat


Who Will Love The Toilet Pool Float?

Do you know anyone who spends way too much time in the bathroom? Do they leave behind a stink that could peel the paint, yet they walk out with a proud smile anyway? They’ll love this because it allows them to spend even more time in their favorite place. All they need is a magazine and can of vanilla air freshener and they’d be in their own special heaven.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it an actual working toilet?

Party foul! While this may look like a toilet seat, we strongly recommend you don’t use it as such. You’ll end up making a fool of yourself and probably paying to a pool cleaning. A good rule to remember is if you have to blow it up first, don’t take a dump in it.

Can I Come Up Through The Hole Like A New York Alligator?

First of all, that’s an urban myth, and secondly, of course you can. Go ahead and scare the crap out of everyone by doing your own version of toilet Jaws if the mood finds you. All’s fair in pools and toilets. Or something.

Most pool floats look like hemorrhoid doughnuts, but not anymore. The Toilet Pool float looks great and provides all the relief you need. We love these floats, because relaxing in the pool shouldn’t be your number 2 activity. Chilling on this throne is the best pastime for getting a little release at the end of the day.


Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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