Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

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The G.I. Joe's and He-Man action figures of your youth have got nothing on this feline loving spinster. Why does the neighborhood crazy cat lady deserve such an honor? Well, she may not be able to shoot laser beams from her eyeballs, but you can't get within 20-feet of her without doubling over from the smell of cat doo. Who can argue that stench isn’t a superpower?

The poseable 5 1/4-inch Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure comes with a variety of feline companions and is rocking the telltale flannel jammies and robe ensemble. She makes the perfect gift for all the cat lovers on your shopping list.

Crazy cat ladies are hometown legends and deserve some recognition. We're happy to preserve the essence of this feline collecting tradition in such a hilarious way. Plus, we totally respect her wicked fashion sense and insane eyes. FUN! 


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