Quirkeys: Owl Key caps

Quirkeys: Owl Key caps

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Owls are amazing predators with sage-like knowledge like the answer to how many licks does it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop. It's 3, by the way, according to the owl. Make this amazing bird your personal totem by slapping its visage on your keys with the Quirkeys: Owl Key Caps.

The owls come in many colors, you will always know the key 'hoo' will open up you front door or start your car.Set of 6 different colored, adorable owls: green, blue, brown, teal, purple, and pink! Different expression on each owl.Molded from durable silicone, Quir-Keys will smooth out the jingle-jangles in your pocket.

Who doesn't love those cute little owls? They've got big eyes and jaws that can rip a field mouse in two. No worries, these are only the cutesy pie ones. Quirkeys: Owl Key Caps are the adorable way to mark all your most important home, office and car keys, and you almost never have to worry about them eating your chihuahua.


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