Sock Monkey Chip Clips - 6 Pack

Sock Monkey Chip Clips - 6 Pack

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It seems sock monkeys are everywhere these days. The dolls are on the store shelves and their likeness is doing everything from holding up your children's art on the refrigerator to keeping your chips fresh.

Sock Monkey Chip Clips are an adorable way to get your daily dose of sock money and keep your junk food from going bad. Just clip one onto your favorite bag of munchies and they'll stay safe and crunchy. It's a great gift for anyone who collects sock monkey memorabilia, enjoys unique kitchen accessories or just loves clipping their chips in style.

We love anything and everything sock monkey, so when we saw these awesome Sock Monkey Chip Clips, we had to get them. Keeping them around is taking back a little bit of your childhood. Every time you reach for a munchy, crunchy bag of chips, you'll remember all the fun you had monkeying around with your old pal.


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