Dress Up Fridge Magnets - Horror

Dress Up Fridge Magnets - Horror

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So, you’ve already got a set of our Dress UP Fridge Magnets and everyone loves the sombrero you put on weird cousin Mel, but when Halloween comes around you want something a little different. With the Dress Up Fridge Magnets-Horror collection, you can turn any picture into a scream.

Give your baby brother bat wings and ears or turn mom into the bride of Frankenstein. Everyone will get a good laugh out of this while you’re celebrating one of the most awesome holidays around. Your pictures will never look the same after using the Dress Up Fridge Magnet-Horror collection. It’s frightening how fun they can be.

We love them because, frankly, we think standard fridge magnets suck. No one wants to decorate their fridge with plastic fruits, but batwings are another story. Your fridge will be outfitted with frightening couture to scare people away from your leftovers. Your deviousness need know no limits with Dress-up Fridge Magnets-Horror.


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