Accept the Fact You're Aging Breath Spray

Accept the Fact You're Aging Breath Spray

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We all hate the idea that we're getting older and the muscles we once had have turned to flab. While your droopy body may offend the masses, that doesn't mean your breath has to.

The Accept The Fact You're Aging Breath Spray won't turn back the clock, but it may make women or men give you the time of day. One spray and suddenly you're perfectly fine with being a card carrying member of the AARP. Pull your pants up far over your belly button and start complaining about the youngsters' loud and annoying rap music because you're old and you know it.

Is there anything worse than an aging starlet turning to plastic surgery to fix that droopy chin or stretch away those wrinkles? We love the Accept the Fact That You’re Aging Breath Spray because the world-class scientists at have assured us that we’re all getting older and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. Plus, surgery is really expensive, and not covered by our insurance. Bring on the breath spray!


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