Over the Hill Aspirin

Over the Hill Aspirin

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When you hit a certain age, it seems like everything hurts in the morning. Aches and pains become a part of life and they just get worse with every birthday. Your joints are sore, your back is killing you and there are some places that ache that you didn't even know could.

If you know anyone like this, then give them the Over The Hill Aspirin. This oversized aspirin is not meant to be used, but exemplifies what needs to be done to take care of the aches and pains the gift of a long life brings you. This is the perfect present for anyone that has a huge pain in the neck or derriere to worry about.

We’ve all had those headaches that just refuse to go away. We love the Over the Hill Aspirin, because it just shows that getting older means everything is a little bit harder to swallow. It’s the perfect gift for that retiree planning to enjoy his golden years and the relaxation it affords. Take away the troublesome aches and pains with a good-natured laugh. 


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