Red Sneaker Socks - Pair

Red Sneaker Socks - Pair

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Have you ever wanted to wear sneakers that felt like you weren't wearing any? Sneakers that don't need their laces tied every 20 minutes? Here you go! Here's a hot pair of Sneaker Socks that look like sneakers and socks but are really just socks.
Creative? Genius? Not for mountain climbing? Yes on all. They may not be perfect for feet-straining activity, but they sure do make for comfortable socks that throw everyone for a loop.
Feature: - One size fits all. Stretchable, long enough to adjust to most foot sizes. 2 Socks per package (1 pair).

If you look in my sock drawer, then you’ll see socks of every kind from freaky Halloween toe jobbies to these sporty Red Sneaker Socks. I love them because they reek of individuality and let me rock the sneaks without actually having to wear some stinky old tennis shoes. No shoes breathe better than a pair of sneaker socks.


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