Crustache Sandwich Cutter

Crustache Sandwich Cutter

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You've heard of finger foods, but I bet facial hair foods is a new concept. Set your appetizers apart from the rest by shaping them like various mustaches using the Crustache Sandwich Cutter. Each set cuts one sandwich into three hilarious, classic mustache designs. Your kids will love to pretend they have silly pb & j mustaches and adults will love the bizarre twist to an everyday lunch. Party guests don't have to worry about getting food in their mustache because the mustache is the food. Trimming a real mustache can be a real pain, but with the Crustache Sandwich Cutter, trimming becomes a fun and tasty activity.

Sophistication for your sandwich

Sandwiches are the go-to lunch and quick meal option for guys and gals everywhere, but shouldn’t they be as fun as they are functional? The Crustache Sandwich Cutter trims off the boring and turns every sandwich into three sophisticated flavor savers. These classy sandwiches will be a hit at every table and will make any meal a hifalutin affair.


Specs, features and bragging rights

Dimensions: Approximately 4" x 4"

Reusable for endless fun

Makes three stylish mustache styles: Prince of Peanut Butter, Baron von Grilcheiz and Earl of Sandwich

Ages 12+

Great for entertaining, lunchbox meals and everyday sandwich artistry



Since the Crustache Sandwich Cutter turns one sandwich into three, do I have to share?

While sharing is a great way to make friends and spread joy, we totally understand why you’d want to keep these hilarious mustache sandwiches to yourself. You’re under absolutely no obligation to share them with a single soul. Stash those staches!

Is there a secret to making the perfect Crustache mustache sandwich?

Yes. After assembling your sandwich as you usually would, we recommend laughing maniacally like an old-school cartoon villain. Top hat optional.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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  • Carrie . Mar 1, 2013
    These mustache sandwiches killed it at my family reunion. I made a bunch for the kids and they went fast! Love it.
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