Mustache Mints in Tin

Mustache Mints in Tin

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The handlebar mustache may have gone out of style with Wyatt Earp, but fresh breath is a trend that will always be popular. The Mustache Mints in Tin is the perfect addition to any mustache lover's collection of memorabilia.

If you're proud of your 'stache, then make sure everyone knows it by popping in a few mints from the Mustache Mints in Tin. If you are one of those people unlucky enough to be unable to grow a glorious mustache, just fake with the tin. It may not fool the ladies, but if you share at least their breath will smell good while they laugh at you.

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  • Kelley . Jan 16, 2013
    I busted my mustache mints out in class and now it's a running joke. OMG. So funny.
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