Princess Snot Stress Relief Putty

Princess Snot Stress Relief Putty

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Princess Snot Thinking Putty – Stress Relief Fit for Royalty 

You may never be royal, but you can pamper the stress away with this relaxing stress relief dough. Straight from the primped and perfect nostrils of highfalutin, genetically-questionable socialites comes the latest development in the fight against stress – Princess Snot Thinking Putty. Work through your troubles while squeezing the squishy, green stress reliever, and you’ll start to feel like a million bucks again in no time. 

When you squish princess stress relief putty through your fingers, you’ll feel it loosen up in soothing splendor, and enjoy sheer rejuvenation of the soul as you shift it from manicured hand to manicured hand. 

Princess Snot Thinking Putty comes in a lidded tin and fits in your desk, purse, or favorite hiding place. Let the worries of the day squeeze through your fingers wherever royal pains happen, and you’ll come away with the carefree, childlike lightness that only comes from playing with a high quality stress relief toy like green princess boogers.

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