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Booty T-Shirt

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So, you like big butts and you cannot lie? Good, then you’ll love the Booty T-Shirt. A shirt with the derriere in mind, the Booty T-Shirt has a picture of naked buttcheeks on the back, seemingly exposed by a flap that has been torn away.

When sporting this hilarious tee, you could be wearing a solid steel chastity belt and still look like you’re giving the neighbors a free show. The Booty T-shirt is a comfortable nightshirt for anyone with an exhibitionist flair or naughty sense of humor. 

A Bootyful Garment

There’s something sexy when a woman wears an oversized shirt, and it gets even better when there’s a picture of a shapely bottom on it. While the booty is definitely female, that doesn’t mean it can’t be worn by a man secure in his masculinity. At least the one in the picture isn’t hairy.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Comes in men’s size large

- White t-shirt with realistic “view” of wearer’s tush

- Fun to wear as a beach or poolside cover-up

- Flap hangs down exposing a funny rear view

- Hilarious gag gift for men and women

- 100% cotton

- Will definitely call attention to your best assets

Who Would Love Booty T-Shirt?

Anyone who has a sense of humor about their body will love this shirt. They might not have the shapely derriere of the picture, but that doesn’t mean they can’t show it off. It’s the perfect fun gift for a man or a woman and is sure to catch a few gasps from everyone around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will people think this is my real booty?

I don’t think so. It’s pretty clear that it’s a shirt, but always remember that a booty by any other name would smell as sweet – or something. There’s nothing wrong with your current booty, and you don’t need a booty shirt to increase your self-esteem. The shirt just accents your already awesome back end.

Do you have a boob version?

Sorry, the shirt currently only comes in the butt variety, but keep checking back in case a boobie T-shirt becomes available. We’re always adding new products, so check back often. Who knows, one day there might be the boobie booty t-Shirt, and you can show off the best of both worlds.

Why We Love It

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