The Crib Dribbler Prank Box

The Crib Dribbler Prank Box

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Note: Purchase is for an empty box only. The absurd product on the box is not included with purchase.

Do you know some new parents who insist on having the latest technology for all of their baby’s needs? Poke some fun at their gadget packed nursery with the Crib Dribbler Prank Box.

The empty gift box features a picture of a baby drinking from a large guinea pig feeder and makes him look more like a little animal than a little Einstein. Your friends will be shocked when they see the Crib Dribbler Prank Box, but delighted when the find the real gift you’ve hidden inside.

MATERIALS: Made of American cardboard and ink.

SIZE: 11.25 x 9 x 3.25

There is nothing better than a first time mom freaking out about every little thing. We love the Crib Dribbler Prank Box because after the initial shock it will bring a smile to even the craziest Momzilla’s face. Parenting requires a sense of humor and wrapping a gift in this box is great way to start


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