Straw Drinking Glasses

Straw Drinking Glasses

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We've all had those night when we had a few too many and the beer goggles come out in full force. The beautiful goddess from the night before ends up being a one-eyed, toothless troll in the morning. Still, you know you're going to do it all over again, so why not put the beer goggles on at the beginning of the night with Straw Drinking Glasses? Straw Drinking Glasses are perfect for boys and girls of all ages, because they're a fun way to drink any beverage... alcoholic or not. Adults will love joking about their crazy beer goggles, and kids will love the way orange juice looks as it travels from the glass, around their eyes and into their mouth.

We love the Straw Drinking Glasses because they are the perfect gift for birthdays. Four, Fourteen, or Forty, Straw drinking glasses work for all ages. Seriously, who doesn’t want to watch their drink circle their face? 


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— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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