Potty Pillow - Toilet Headrest

Potty Pillow - Toilet Headrest

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Are you a little worse for wear after a night of hard partying? If you've woken up on the porcelain throne a few times, then you might need The Potty Pillow.

There's no sense in being uncomfortable when you're completely wasted and, thankfully, it's machine washable. Don't wake up from a bender with a crink in your neck. Odds are you're going to have a massive headache, dry mouth and modicum of shame, so at least you can get a good night's rest, right there on the seat of the throne. 

The Potty Pillow - Toilet Headrest's unique design offers a comfy pillow to rest your partied out cheek on between rounds. The handy strap on the back attaches it to the seat, so it stays steady, even when you don't.

The Potty Pillow is your answer to a good night’s sleep after bedspins.

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