Shark Fin Ice Tray

Shark Fin Ice Tray

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Just when you thought it was safe to drink your favorite beverage, a massive creature of the deep rears its ugly fin. The Shark Fin Ice Tray lets you fill your glass with excitement and keep your drink cool at the same time. The fins stick up out of the water and float on the surface like a great white breaking through from the depths of the ocean. The good news is these sharks don't bite, but they may take a bite out of party boredom. Add ice from the Shark Fin Ice Tray to drinks at your next pool party and you'll be swimming with the big fish.

We love Jaws and the giant shark fin has become a staple in horror movies ever since. The Shark Fin Ice Tray is the perfect way to add a bit of a thrill to every party. The awesome ice cubes that it makes will have your guests saying, “We’re going to need a bigger glass.”


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