Fishbowl Gumball Machine

Fishbowl Gumball Machine

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Most aquariums are so boring that they actually help people go to sleep. You don’t want your fish just swimming around in circles waiting for something to happen. Liven up your gilled pal's life with the Fishbowl Gumball Machine.

The Fishbowl Gumball Machine is safe and nontoxic to fish and looks like the classic gumball machine from your youth. Your aquatic chum will be living the sweet life for sure. It’s a great way to make your Beta an Alpha.

The Fishbowl Gumball Machine stands 11 inches tall and Includes a rainbow of vibrantly colored, decorative gumballs.

There’s Something Fishy about that Gumball Machine

Just when you thought it was safe to grab a gumball from your favorite candy dispenser, you look in and see a goldfish staring back at you. The Fishbowl Gumball Machine is a unique take on the small room aquarium and is perfect for a child’s room or in your game room.


Specs and Stuff

Realistic looking retro gumball machine fishbowl

Holds one Betta or goldfish

Includes a package of inedible, decorative gumballs

Measures 6 x 6 x 11 inches

Perfect splash of color and life for home or office


Who Would Love The Fishbowl Gumball Machine?

The fishbowl gumball machine is the perfect addition to any fish lovers abode. It’s small and compact, making it easy to clean while looking great too. It’s not just for fish lovers either, anyone with an eye for innovative decorating would love to add this piece to their collection.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this safe for the fish?

Yes, the gumballs inside the machine are not real and your fish will live in comfort in the Fishbowl Gumball Machine. They’ll lounge around throughout the day traveling from one side to the other occasionally moving up and down. It’s a lot like raising a teenager, but not nearly as impactful on the pocketbook.

Can I actually use this as a gumball machine?

No, this is a fishbowl that looks like a gumball machine. If you try to use it, then you’ll just end up feeling stupid and probably make your fish really mad. Everyone knows that an angry goldfish isn’t a pretty sight, so keep your quarters to yourself and if you’re craving a gumball, head to the mall.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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