BBQ Branding Iron

BBQ Branding Iron

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I am sure everyone at one point and time has wanted to be able to put their name on their meat. Now, get your head out of the gutter. The BBQ branding iron will let the world know that the extra think ribeye is all yours with your own personal brand. Letters fit easily onto the branding iron to create any message you want from laying claim to a particular steak to telling people the particular cut and grade. There are a multitude of uses for the BBQ brand, just keep it out of the bedroom. This BBQ Branding Iron includes all the letters of the alphabet!

Personalize your steaks, burgers, chicken and tofu with a name or special message with this BBQ Branding Iron Kit. The Branding Iron Kit includes (2) each all the letters of the alphabet and spaces that let you spell out just about anything! No tools needed. Letters slide onto letter track to form whatever words, expression or initials that you want. Letters can be placed on one line or two lines. Hand wash only in sudsy water. Wood handle, aluminum and stainless steel components.

* Personalize your meat with this metal branding iron with wooden handle
* Includes every letter of the alphabet, plus extra letters and spacers
* Easy to use--just slide letters onto the letter track--no tools needed
* Hand wash in sudsy water after use
* Measures 17" L

The BBQ Branding Iron works on pretty much any type of meat you desire to cook. You can also use your imagination and brand other food items as well. Email us your high quality branded meat and we will post it here!

This branding kit includes all the letters of the alphabet plus extras!

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  • josh . Jan 13, 2011
    This is the best thing my wife has bought for me in a long time! I told her to order some more to give the guys coming over for our Superbowl party, because I know they will get as big a kick out of it as I have.
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  • Boris B. Jan 11, 2011
    This is a really cool product! I came across this while I was shopping for a new bbq grill and I'm glad I bought it because it was a big hit! It works well too. Will definitely not grill without it.
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