Hand Sewn American Flag Flask

Hand Sewn American Flag Flask

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We’re pretty sure that George Washington had some form of the American Flag Flask as he sailed across the Delaware.  You can also assume that old Honest Abe took a few belts from his on that fateful night at Ford’s Theatre.

Good booze is as American as apple pie, so it’s practically your duty to honor a great tradition with the Old Glory: American Flag Flask. What better way is there to show off your patriotism and love of whiskey all at the same time?

Ring the Liberty Bell

Are you a patriot? Does your beer come from Germany or Mexico or does it come from the great United States of America? When you need a belt of liquid courage, go ahead and take it from the Hand Sewn American Flag Flask. We’re sure that if it had been available, this red, white and blue flask would have been standard equipment in the Revolutionary War.


Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Stitched American Flag material over

- Patriotism at its best

- Metal flask

- Screw top locks in your favorite beverage

- 6 ounce capacity


Who would love the Hand Sewn American Flag Flask?

Anyone who believes in this country and the American way will love the Hand Sewn American Flag Flask. It's the perfect accessory for the veteran or politico who understands that it takes a good heart not just political double talk and big money to make America great. Anyone who still believes you can be anything you want no matter who you are will love this flask.


Frequently Asked Questions

If politicians drank a little more out of this, then would the country be better off?

Democrats hate Republicans. Republicans hate Democrats. It's a never ending circle of bitterness, but if they would just share a few swigs out of this flask, things might actually get done. Let them lose those inhibitions, and they might actually remember they're supposed to be making the country better. Just make sure the bills get a proofreader.


Do I have to put alcohol in it?

Of course not, there are plenty of people who are proud of America and don't drink. If you want to load it up with sparkling water, then go right ahead. All that matters is you believe in the honor and glory of the Old Red, White and Blue. Exercise that freedom of choice the way our forefathers intended, patriot.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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