Ball and Chain Wedding Gag Gift

Ball and Chain Wedding Gag Gift

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Oh, the shackles of love... So your buddy is getting hitched, huh? What better way to welcome him to wedded bliss than tethering him to the tie that truly binds. This light weight Ball and Chain is the perfect accessory for a wild night of bachelor party debauchery! Give your favorite prisoner of love this Ball and Chain Gift Set to congratulate him on the loss of his single status. The Ball and Chain Gift Set is also recommended for a finishing touch on your Halloween prisoner's costume. This solid black ankle accessory goes well with black and white stripes as well as the eye catching penitentiary orange!

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  • Shiloh . Feb 24, 2011
    I bought this for my friend's baby shower. She didn't understand at first, because it was her first baby, but now that the baby is born... she totally gets it! She actually has the ball and chain attached to the handle of the stroller, lol.
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